2015 FBS College Football Poster Rankings – Social Vote Details and Gallery

Our annual FBS Football Poster Rankings will be released soon! But first, we are holding a Social Vote on @SportPosterSwag Twitter to pick the fan-favorite!

Starting on Monday, August 10th, and over the course of the week, we will tweet out every FBS team poster. To vote for your favorite poster, all you need to do is RETWEET the original tweet.

Votes will be counted and the winner will be determined on Monday, August 17th. The social vote will count for 1/4 of the overall ranking of each poster. The other 3/4 of the vote will be determined by Poster Swag based on a number of categories including look, design, clarity, uniqueness, and of course, it’s overall awesomeness.

If your school’s poster is not in the gallery below, please send it to us at sportposterswag@gmail.com to be included in the vote and considered for the rankings.

Here are the 2015 FBS College Football Posters that have been released thus far:


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