2017 FBS Football Schedule Poster Social Vote Results

We are excited to announce the results of our 2017 FBS Football Poster Social Vote! The social vote will be combined with our own ranking to come up with our 2017 FBS Football Poster Rankings, which will be released very soon at @PosterSwag!

Our social vote received over 2 MILLION twitter impressions and 23,000 votes! Here is the 2017 Social Vote Top-25:

#1 East Carolina

ECU Football.jpg

#2 Michigan

Michigan Football.jpg

#3 Purdue

Purdue Football.jpg

#4 Penn State

Penn State Football.jpg

#5 Miami

Miami Football.JPG

#6 LSU

LSU Football.JPG

#7 Toledo

Toledo Football.jpg

#8 Oklahoma

Oklahoma Football.JPG

#9 Iowa

Iowa Football.jpg

#10 Iowa State

Iowa State Football.JPG

#11 Indiana

Indiana Football (2).jpg

#12 Colorado

Colorado Football.JPG

#13 Arkansas

Arkansas Football.jpg

#14 Rutgers

Rutgers 1.jpg

#15 Maryland

Maryland Football 3.jpg

#16 North Carolina

North Carolina Football.jpg

#17 West Virginia

WVU Football.JPG

#18 La Tech

La Tech Football Poster.jpg

#19 NC State

NC State Football.jpg

#20 Coastal Carolina

Coastal Carolina Football.jpg

#21 Michigan State

Michigan State Football.jpg

#22 Troy

Troy Football Poster.jpg

#23 Army West Point

Army Football.jpg

#24 Vanderbilt

Vandy Football.jpg

#25 Mississippi State

Mississippi State Football.JPG

Spots 25-50:


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