Month: March 2017

#Sweet16 @MarchMadness Matchups Based on Team Schedule Posters! #SMSPORTS #SPORTSBIZ

The #Sweet16 is set and ready to tip off on Thursday, but in the meantime, let’s check in on the match-ups and have you choose winners based on their season posters! Be sure to follow our twitter feed at @PosterSwag and on facebook at for all the latest posters from all of college athletics!

#7 Michigan vs. #3 Oregon – Vote Here: Oregon vs. Michigan

Michigan – My oh my this is a TOUGH looking poster! The Wolverines are on the run of a lifetime! One can’t help but think if they would have included a plane somewhere in the poster design with the benefit of time travel. Michigan MBB.jpg

Oregon – Dillon Brooks and the Ducks are coming right at you! Read the motivational quote and get pumped to be a Duck. Oregon MBB.jpg

#4 West Virgina – #1 Gonzaga: Vote Here: WVU vs. Gonzaga

West Virginia – It’s not often you see a schedule poster as the picture of the locker, but they pulled it off! Only thing missing is his WVU Nike Pullover. WVU MBB.jpg

Gonzaga – Can someone please photoshop Przemek Karnowski’s beard into this poster? It just doesn’t seem complete without it!

Gonzaga MBB.png

#4 Purdue vs. #1 Kansas: Vote Here: Kansas vs. Purdue

Purdue – Die-cut in the state of Indiana, this beauty of a poster finished in the top-5 of our poster rankings! Now let’s see how it would look in the shape of Kansas City, where the Boilers are headed to take on Kansas.

Purdue MBB 2.png

Kansas – You need a long poster to fit all those rings! Speaking of long…the Jayhawks will have all the they handle when they face off vs. Purdue. That team is YYYUUUUGGGEEE.

Kansas Basketball.png

#11 Xavier vs. #2 Arizona: Vote Here: Arizona vs. Xavier

Xavier – Such a great and simple poster. Plenty of space to add all the years they have made the Sweet 16 recently.

Xavier MBB.jpg

Arizona – Ah the irony of featuring Sean Miller in this amazing poster with a matchup vs. Xavier on the horizon. BTW, our friend Darren Rovell claimed this poster as the #1 in the country. Bodes well for the Wildcats!Arizona MBB.JPG

#4 Butler vs. #1 North Carolina: Vote Here: North Carolina vs. Butler

Butler – The Bulldogs are the 2nd team from the Big East in the Sweet 16…not pictured, their adorable Butler Blue the Bulldog, who was not allowed in the arena, and apparently, the poster. Butler MBB.jpg

North Carolina – The Tar Heels are the last remaining ACC team standing, but come in STRONG with this excellent schedule poster!


#7 South Carolina vs. #3 Baylor: Vote Here: South Carolina vs. Baylor

South Carolina – What a season for the Gamecocks and a snazzy poster to go with it! Can they continue their run? They sure are dressed for success!

South Carolina MBB.jpg

Baylor – The Bears are primed and ready for their Sweet 16 battle with the Gamecocks. Will their tough, intimidating poster get the job done?!? Baylor MBB.jpg

#3 UCLA vs. #2 Kentucky: Vote Here: Kentucky vs. UCLA

UCLA – A battle of the blue-bloods is on tap for Friday. Who will win and who will end the day…blue…


Kentucky – The Wildcats are determined to get to the Elite 8, just look into their eyes! Kentucky MBB 1.JPG

#8 Wisconsin vs. #4 Florida: Vote Here: Wisconsin vs. Florida

Wisconsin – The winner of our top basketball poster of the season, the Badgers were destined for an amazing season from the start! Wisconsin MBB.JPG

Florida – What you can’t see in the lake in the above poster is a Gator lurking by the shore ready to chomp!

Florida MBB.jpg

Top-25 College Softball Schedule Posters!

We have picked our favorite NCAA Softball Posters of the 2017 Season! With over 75 posters submitted, it was tough to select our 25 favorite, but no one said this job would be easy! See below for the list and make sure to follow us at @PosterSwag on Twitter and sportposterswag on Instagram!

#25 St. John’s 

25 St Johns Softball.jpg

#24 St. Mary’s 

24 St Marys Softball.jpg

#23 Michigan

23 Michigan Softball.JPG

#22 Florida State

22 FSU Softball.jpg

#21 Indiana

21 Indiana Softball.png

#20 Western Carolina

20 Western Carolina Softball.png

#19 FIU

19 FIU Softball.png

#18 Syracuse

18 Syracuse Softball.jpg

#17 Louisville

17 Louisville Softball.jpg

#16 Purdue

16 Purdue Softball.jpg

#15 Missouri

15 Missouri Softball.jpg

#14 Oregon

14 Oregon Softball.jpg

#13 Mississippi State

13 Miss State Softball.JPG

#12 LSU

12 LSU Softball.jpg

#11 La Tech

11 La Tech Softball.jpg

#10 Arizona

10 Arizona Softball.jpg

#9 Arkansas

9 Arkansas Softball 2.JPG

#8 UIW

8 UIW Softball.jpg

# 7 NDSU

7 NDSU Softball.png

#6 BYU

6 BYU Softball.jpg

#5 Texas Tech

5 Texas Tech Softball.jpg

#4 Washington

4 Washington Softball.jpg

#3 Illinois 

3 Illinois Softball.JPG

#2 Penn State

2 Penn State Softball.jpg

#1 Kentucky

1 Kentucky Softball.jpeg


Best of the rest: