2016 FBS Football Poster Final Rankings

Illinois Football 3

The final rankings are here! This is our favorite ranking to bring you each season and we take pride in the work we put into this list. Gathering all the posters, our social vote, the designer vote, and coming up with our favorite 50 posters takes time! We welcome your comments and reactions to the list both on the blog and on twitter at @PosterSwag.

There were 3 levels to our rankings this season:

  • The social vote last week – which received over 2 million twitter impressions.
  • The designer vote – we had 20 college athletics designers weigh in on their favorite work.
  • Our rankings – based on several factors.

There were 113 FBS Posters submitted and you can see them all here: 2016 FBS Football Poster Gallery. We picked out our top-50. Here they are:

50 LSU

LSU Football 2.jpg
49 Utah

Utah Football.jpg
48 Colorado State

Colorado State Football.JPG
47 BC

Boston College Football.JPG
46 Miami

Miami Football.JPG
45 Alabama

Alabama Football.jpg

44 ECU

ECU Football.jpg

43 UMass

UMass Football.jpg

42 NM State

NM State Football.png

41 Virginia Tech

Va Tech Football.jpg

40 WMU

WMU Football.jpg

39 Kentucky

Kentucky Football.jpg

38 Northwestern

Northwestern Football 2.jpg

37 Mississippi State

Mississippi State Football.jpg

36 UCF

UCF Football 2.jpg

35 Washington

Washington Football.jpg

34 Tulsa

Tulsa Football.jpg

33 SMU

SMU Football.JPG

32 Arkansas State

Arkansas State Football.jpg

31 Louisville

Louisville Football 2.JPG

30 Oklahoma State

OK State FB.jpg

29 Mizzou

Mizzou Football.jpg

28 NC State

NC State Football.jpg

27 Kansas

Kansas Football.jpg

26 Purdue

Purdue Football.PNG

25 Cincinnati

Cincinatti Football.jpg

24 FIU

FIU Football Poster.jpg

23 Texas State

Texas State 2.jpg

22 Michigan State

Michigan State Football.jpg

21 TCU

TCU Football 1.jpgTCU Football 3.jpg

20 Baylor

Baylor Football.jpg

19 Iowa State

Iowa State Football.jpg

18 Memphis

Memphis Football.png

17 Louisiana

ULL Football.png

16 Georgia Southern

GA Southern Football.jpg

15 BYU

BYU Football.png

14 Vandy

Vandy Football.jpg

13 Houston

Houston Football.JPG

12 Pitt

Pitt Football.jpg

11 Washington State

WSU Football.JPG

10 La Tech

La Tech Football.jpg


WVU Football.jpg

8 Maryland

Maryland Football 2.jpgMaryland Football 3.jpg

7 North Carolina

North Carolina Football.jpg

6 Oregon

Oregon Football.jpg

5 Michigan

Michigan Football.jpg

4 Penn State

Penn State 3.JPGPenn State 2.JPG

3 Ohio State

Ohio State Football.jpg

2 Rutgers

Rutgers Football.jpg

1 Illinois

Illinois Football 3.JPGIllinois Football 2.JPGIllinois Football 4.JPG

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