#PosterSwag @MarchMadness #Sweet16 Matchups Based on Team Posters. #smsports #sportsbiz

The #Sweet16 is set and ready to tip off on Thursday, but in the meantime, let’s check in on the match-ups and choose winners based on their season posters! Be sure to follow our twitter feed at @SportPosterSwag and on facebook at facebook.com/PosterSwag/ for all the latest posters from all of college athletics!

#3 Miami vs. #2 Villanova

Miami – They say shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you will end up in the starts…or in this case, on a floating court in the clouds. While the Canes lost points for the tire-track unis, they gained points for including Coach Larrañaga, smiling down on his great team from the heavens (he even has a U-halo on top of his head).

Miami MBB.jpg

Villanova – Any poster with a picture of Arcidiacono shooting a three should send fear down people’s spines. Meanwhile, Daniel Ochefu and his .678 FT% should not. 

Nova MBB.jpg

WINNER: Miami 

#3 Texas A&M vs. #2 Oklahoma

Texas A&M – Four posters that equal one HUGE poster is great! Also, add to that motivational phrases and you have a poster series that any kid (or grown fan) would hang up in their bedroom (or garage). 


Oklahoma – You know your poster game is strong when half of your poster is a picture of 2-time Big 12 Player of the Year Buddy Hield! Also bonus points for their #takeNotice campaign, correctly predicting that the season would be one to watch! 

Oklahoma MBB.png


#5 Maryland vs. #1 Kansas

Maryland – Fitting every player on one poster is great if you can pull it off as well as Maryland did here (unless someone transfers or quits mid-season, but that’s a risk they were willing to take!). We also would have been ok with just a picture of Melo and Diamond riding a turtle. 

Maryland MBB.jpg

Kansas – We dig that the poster shows half the team about to dunk on our faces, because that is the exact feeling teams get when they take on the Jayhawks. Also, power-move putting all their rings on the bottom of the poster. We need some really big rings…

Kansas Basketball.png

WINNER: Kansas

#4 Duke vs. #1 Oregon

Duke – Can never bash a poster from the reigning NCAA Champs that features Marshall Plumlee, since we will be dunking all over our enemies in the Army after graduation. Also…how is there still a Plumlee in college basketball? What year is this? 

Duke MBB.png

Oregon – Love the Ducks not shying away from the fact that most people think Oregon is just full of dark forests which are lit up by awesome Nike uniforms. Also, this is an epic poster. 

Oregon MBB 3.jpg

WINNER: Oregon

#4 Iowa State vs. #1 Virginia

Iowa State – Resembles the movie poster for ‘Face/Off’ – aside: Give us Face/Off 2 staring Nick Cage and Travolta and box office records will be broken – We love the look and layout of this one from the Cyclones. 

Iowa State MBB.jpg

Virginia – Clean, classy look here for the Wahoos. Interesting concept for the group who’s nickname references a fish that can drink twice its own body weight. 


WINNER: Iowa State

#7 Wisconsin vs. #6 Notre Dame

Wisconsin – Awesome concept with the playing cards around the border. A young fan’s dream! As for the photo in the middle…not sure why they had the team try to emulate the facial expressions of the Seven Dwarfs. Hint: #22 is bashful. 


Notre Dame – Love this one from the Irish, but could have used more leprechauns. And clovers. And reubens. And green. And maybe a Guinness logo…wait, what were we talking about again?

ND MBB.png

WINNER: Wisconsin (we were about to call this one for ND but with a few seconds left, things changed)

#11 Gonzaga vs. #10 Syracuse

Gonzaga – Nice work here from the Zags, but anytime you don’t somehow work in a picture of Kelly Olynyk’s hair is a missed opportunity.

Gonzaga MBB.jpg

Syracuse – Kudos to Boeheim for including his whole coaching staff in the poster, don’t see that often. They did lose out on some points though for not including a pronunciation chart for Gbinije on the poster.

Syracuse MBB.jpg

WINNER: Syracuse

#5 Indiana vs. #1 North Carolina

Indiana – Classic look here for the Hoosiers. Including all support staff is great, especially the two team doctors! Could have used more candy cane warm up pants…

Indiana MBB.JPG

North Carolina – Simple look here for the Tar Heels. Also, awesome timing by the photographer to catch three players walking to class with their uniforms on! What are the chances?!? 


WINNER: North Carolina

Best of luck to all the teams in the #Sweet16! Strong poster game = strong hoops game.

Be sure to follow our twitter feed at @SportPosterSwag and on facebook at facebook.com/PosterSwag/ for all the latest posters from all of college athletics!




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