2016 College Baseball Poster Rankings. #sportsbiz #smsports

We are happy to unveil our picks for the Top-30 College Baseball Schedule Posters for the 2016 Season. With over 150 submissions, it was very difficult to choose our 30 favorites, let alone the top poster of the year. We ranked the posters based on a number of categories including team identity, our social vote, schedule clarity, uniqueness and overall WOW factor. It is not a direct science, but just our opinions on which posters we like best!

This season, two posters stood out above the rest, and we have an unprecedented TIE for the top poster! As always, we welcome your feedback on our list. Please make sure to follow our feed on Twitter at @SportPosterSwag and on our Facebook page at  PosterSwag.

Here are the Top-30 College Baseball Poster according to

1 (tie) Mizzou

Missouri Baseball.JPG

1 (tie) Purdue

Purdue Baseball.jpg

3. Liberty

Liberty Baseball.jpg

4. Cincinnati

Cinci Baseball.jpg

5. LSU

LSU Baseball.JPG

6. Arkansas

Arkansas Baseball.JPG

7. Rutgers

Rutgers Baseball.jpg


SWOSU Baseball.jpg

9. Ohio State

Ohio State Baseball.JPG

10. Georgia

Georgia Baseball.jpg

11. Penn State

Penn State Baseball.jpg

12. Virginia Tech

VTech Baseball.JPG

13. Auburn

Auburn Baseball 3.JPG

14. Baylor

Baylor Baseball.jpg

15. Stanford

Stanford Baseball.jpg

16. Oklahoma

Oklahoma Baseball.jpg

17. Texas A&M CC

TAMU CC Baseball.jpg

18. North Carolina

UNC Baseball.jpg

19. Kentucky

Kentucky Baseball.jpg

20. Bethune-Cookman

BCU Baseball.jpg

21. Charlotte

Charlotte Baseball.jpg

22. George Washington

GW Baseball.jpg

23. Southern California

USC Baseball.jpg

24. Florida State

FSU Baseball.jpg

25. Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Baseball.jpg

26. Northern Colorado

Northern Colorado Baseball.jpg

27. Ole Miss

Ole Miss Baseball 4.JPG

28. Oregon

Oregon Baseball 1.JPG

29. Central Florida

UCF Baseball.png

30. Louisiana Lafayette

ULL Baseball.jpg


Honorable Mention:

WVU Baseball.jpgMiss State Baseball.jpgArt U Baseball.jpgLamar Baseball.jpgMaryland Baseball.jpgMSU Baseball.jpgOK State Baseball.jpgSouth Carolina Baseball.jpgUMES Baseball.jpgVandy Baseball.jpg




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