Top-50 2015 NCAA Women’s Basketball Posters!

Basketball season is in full-swing and while we released our Top-50 Men’s Basketball Poster List last month, we have yet to do a list of women’s posters! Well the wait is over! We chose our 50 favorite posters from the 2015-16 season out of over 150 submissions. We then put those top-50 up for a social vote to pick the top posters. So here are the social vote results for top NCAA women’s basketball posters of the season:

1. South Carolina

South Carolina WBB.jpg

2. Pittsburgh

Pitt WBB.jpg

3. Mississippi State

Miss State WBB.jpg

4. West Virginia


5. North Dakota


6. Michigan State

Michigan State WBB.jpg

7. Purdue

Purdue WBB.jpg

8. Academy of Art University

ArtU WBB.jpg

9. Texas

Texas WBB.jpg

10. Southeast Missouri


11. Miami (FL)

Miami WBB.jpg

12. UTEP


13. North Carolina


14. Richmond

Richmond WBB.jpg

15. NC State

NC State WBB.png

16. Morehead State

Morehead State WBB.jpg

17. Cincinnati

Cinci WBB.jpg

18. Eastern Washington


19. Seton Hall

Seton Hall WBB.jpg

20. Marquette

Marquette WBB.JPG

The rest of the Top-50 (in no particular order)


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