2015-16 College Hoops Poster Social Vote Top-15

After over 1 million impressions and 4,000 votes, we have the results of our social voting! The following are the 15 best posters as voted on by you, the fans!

We will release over final Top-50 list in the coming days, where we will name the top poster of the season! Make sure to follow along at @SportPosterSwag for all the latest revealed college athletics posters! Social Vote Top-15 Men’s College Basketball Posters:

15. Canisius College

Canisius MBB.jpg

14. Colorado

Colorado MBB 2.jpg

13. Auburn

Auburn MBB.jpg

12. Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart MBB.jpg

11. Iowa State

Iowa State MBB.jpg

10. George Washington

GW MBB (2).jpg

9. William and Mary

William and Mary MBB.jpg

8. Pittsburgh

Pitt Basketball.jpg

7. Kentucky

Kentucky 1.JPG

6. Stephen F. Austin


5. Michigan State

Michigan State MBB.jpg

4. Cincinnati

Cinci MBB.jpg

3. Arizona

Arizona MBB.jpg

2. Purdue

Purdue MBB Poster.jpg

  1. North Carolina



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