Countdown Update & How Athletic Accounts Can Increase Their Voting

So you run an athletic account of one of the posters we featured early in our #BaseballPoster Social Vote, and you want to reengage your fans so they can vote more, because of course, you want to catch up to our leader, @HailState. There are a few ways to do this:

1. You can un-retweet and then retweet the original post again. This way, all of your followers see the post another time.

2. You can copy the URL of the original tweet, then refer your fans to it, and ask them to RT it. See how the leader, @HailState did this below:



Voting looks like it will wrap up in the next few days, meaning our #BaseballPoster Countdown should be posted by the end of this week, or early next week.

The final day of voting will be a last-chance opportunity for those schools who did not RT the original posts to have one more shot at doing it. After the final day of voting, we will tally the RTs and complete our countdown.

Here is our top-5 social vote count so far:

1. Mississippi State

2. Michigan State

3. South Carolina

4. North Carolina

5. Kentucky


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